The University of Ottawa student residences receive high speed internet services from Rogers Communications. Large buildings like 90 University have internet connectivity available through wired wall ports and via managed Wi-Fi. Smaller residences such as townhomes, receive internet access from Rogers high speed cable modems/routers.

The following guides have been provided to assist you in troubleshooting internet access problems. You are encouraged to attempt to resolve your problem before seeking extra help.

For those in large residences who access the internet over managed Wi-Fi, it is important that you select the correct SSID (Network Name), for your building. These SSIDs have been logically named by your residence.

WiFi Networks

Coverage Building Wi-Fi Name Password
90 University
Entire building 90U-Guest
Floors 9 – 20 90U-1 Rogers90U
Floors 1-6 (Short wing) 90U-2 Rogers90U
Floors 1 – 8 (Tower) 90U-3 Rogers90U
Entire building Stanton_Wi-Fi RogersStanton
Entire building Marchand_Wi-Fi RogersMarchand
Entire building Thompson_Wi-Fi RogersThompson
LeBlanc (45 Louis Pasteur)
Entire building Leblanc_Wi-Fi RogersLeblanc
Entire building Hyman_Soloway_Wi-Fi RogersHyman
 240 Friel
Entire building 240_Friel_Wi-Fi RogersFriel
202 Henderson


Entire building 202_Henderson_Wi-Fi RogersHenderson