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Complete, all-in-one smart home solutions for a connected and secure home.

Smart home devices transform the lives of homeowners in a variety of ways. From keeping our home and family connected to security features that provide peace of mind, the options are endless. If you’re looking to save time, increase the convenience of your daily life or add unparalleled security to your home, smart home technology is the way to go.

Add devices and hardware to control and see what is happening in your home. Operate your thermostat remotely, view and control your front door through a smart doorbell or unlock your door using your smartphone. Add video cameras, flood sensors or smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for added security and safety.

Control your home from your smartphone

  • Arm and disarm your home from anywhere
  • Add smart functionality to almost any device or appliance using a smart plug
  • Control your thermostats to reduce heating costs when you’re not home
  • Manage your system with voice control on supported devices

Security at your fingertips

  • Add an outdoor video camera to keep an eye on your property anywhere, anytime
  • Receive notifications of home activities such as opened doors or water sensors
  • See who is at your front door and communicate with guests through a smart doorbell
  • Add 24-7 monitoring for all emergency situations

Easy self-installation

  • Easy installation with instructions for a DIY install
  • Not tech savvy? Don’t worry. Our expect Technicians are close by to get you set up in no time
  • Our expert Support team is only a call away to assist you with all your smart home needs


Starting from $549.00

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Starting from $40.00/month

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Everything you need to keep your home connected and secure

IQ Panel 2 Plus Kit

The IQ Panel 2 Plus kit includes the IQ Panel 2 Plus with PowerG and 319.5 MHz radio, 2 S-Line Encrypted 319.5 MHz Mini door/window sensors, and an S-Line Encrypted 319.5 MHz Motion sensor.

Smart Thermostat

The ADC-T2000 Z-Wave Smart Thermostat provides users complete control over their home’s heating and cooling system. The device can be operated remotely using the Mobile App, and it is fully compatible with smart scenes for Z-Wave devices.

SkyBell Doorbell

The ADC-VDB105 SkyBell slim video doorbell lets users answer the door remotely from virtually anywhere in the world using their smart phone on the app. The doorbell wires to new/existing 16-24VAC power and uses WiFi to connect to the home’s router and Internet connection.  The camera records in full-colour 720p which can be live streamed through the app on a mobile device and has a 180° field of view to capture the entire area around the door. The built-in speaker allows for two-way communication and allows for the owner to see the visitor they are talking to.

SmartCode Electronic Lock

Wesier, the leader in residential security, introduces the SmartCode 10 deadbolt with Home Connect Technology! This deadbolt is a new addition to the SmartCode family, and is the most robust SmartCode lock ever made. The metal housing delivers quality that can be felt for added security and durability. Expanding your solution with Home Connect technology will allow the lock to communicate wirelessly to security and home automation systems via Zigbee to enhance your lifestyle.

Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

COVR PowrZone Tri-Band Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System gives you lightning-fast, truly seamless coverage of up to 6,500 sq. ft.
Create a PowrZone of blazing-fast Wi-Fi with the Covr PowrZone Tri-Band Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System. It uses a high-power AC2200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Mesh Covr Point at its core to handle the bulk of your Wi-Fi activity, while two AC1200 Mesh Covr Points give you complete end-to-end whole home coverage. Designed for power users in large homes with several devices, Covr PowrZone is perfect for 4K streaming, gaming on multiple devices, and boosting overall connectivity.

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Based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Comu Networks’ team of passionate experts take the time to carefully understand customer wants and needs. We are a leading solution provider in the video surveillance and smart home industry. Our solutions utilize industry leading products to provide cutting edge answers to all your smart home and security needs.

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