Planning and designing multivendor network solutions, fine-tuned for best performance and customized to solve complex business problems, is a vital element of any network rollout or technology upgrade. It takes just the right amount and combination of resources and expertise to develop the infrastructure needed to service growing demands and stringent SLAs.

Effective network design means making the right choices to maximize efficiency, profitability and reliability. Every level of your network’s structure and configuration has a major impact on revenues, scalability, and positioning for future growth.

To ensure the health of your business, your network must be purposely designed to be reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and flexible.


Comu Support includes a team of Support Desk Technicians, Field Service Technicians and Network Analyst and Engineer. All levels of support are well versed in building networks and play a critical role in building and maintaining our networks as well as providing a resolution.


Support services include 24-7-365 proactive remote monitoring of all equipment with system alerts in the event of a node or AP “down”. The NOC tools monitor and proactively check on the health of a network to prevent conditions that could lead to equipment failure. Comu Support Technicians are often aware of issues and have dispatched a Field Technician before noticed by Property Managers or reported by end users.


In order to minimize disruptions, ensure high-performance and help avoid security issues, we proactively monitor networks and routinely schedule software and hardware maintenance. We administer and manage our networks by configurating back-ups on all equipment including scheduled operating system updates for all network components including secure gateways, switches and access points.

We also have the ability to adapt to changes which require allocating and configuring network resources to best suit a particular service or need. If extra bandwidth is required, adjustments are made to the network to meet the demand.


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