Wired and Wi-Fi Integrated Networks2018-08-17T13:15:15-04:00

Wired & Wi-Fi Integrated Networks

Will that be wired, wireless or both? You choose.

We regularly offer managed Wi-Fi services in addition to wired connectivity. We analyze coverage requirements, run Ethernet wires to optimal Wi-Fi access point (AP) locations and provide the necessary power over Ethernet (POE) switches, Wide Area Network (WAN) backhaul and secure gateways/firewalls. Once installed we remotely monitor, manage and support these solutions, from our advanced NOC , Help Desk and service centre (where replacement parts and configurations are maintained).

Increasingly, new projects are beginning to call for full wired and Wi-Fi access. This reflects the reality that more people can only connect wirelessly with their brand and preferred mobile device and expect to be able to connect anywhere throughout their place of residence and workplace. Examples include smartphones, tablets and laptops lacking Ethernet ports.

The ability to access the internet wirelessly has become a common expectation in most apartment buildings and condos, at least in amenity and common areas. Providing Wi-Fi in these areas is best done using commercial grade equipment designed and deployed for a managed service model.