Structured Cabling for Complex & Challenging Buildings2018-08-17T13:15:15-04:00

Structured Cabling for Complex & Challenging Buildings

Wiring for data, video and Wi-Fi requires its own design plan.

In our experience, it is not uncommon to see buildings where data wiring has been run based solely on where wall outlets are called for on floor plans. Designing a data network for optimal performance and future proofing considerations must take other factors into account.

Comu Networks provides guidance for best cable plant practices to developers before building plans are set. We review options tied to industry trends. We also consider the immediate and long term objectives of the developer. Comu then provides the option of completing the wiring on behalf of the developer with the appropriate materials (fibre, Coax, Ethernet, or combinations thereof.)

Wiring for telephony/voice over IP (VoIP), point of sale (POS), IP surveillance and access control wiring is also offered.