Network Design and Installation (Wired & Wi-Fi)2018-08-17T13:15:13-04:00

Network Design & Installation (Wired & Wi-Fi)

Our network designs take into account the physical characteristics of each building complex, including the various available plans and our assumptions regarding the number of internal access drops that will be required for convenient Internet access. It also addresses any potential outside fibre plant that may be involved, to ensure proper connectivity, while considering the fulfillment of service level related bandwidth requirements.

Network Diagram

We then select the appropriate network switches in the proposed design to achieve optimal efficiency in providing the required number of ports to each drop. The number and model of switches are determined by taking into account the total number of ports required on each floor. During detailed project planning discussions, we confirm that there is adequate space with local power available to support the entire building. We also confirm that there will be adequate space for risers and openings to run risers as well as horizontal Ethernet and COAX cables throughout the structure.