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Managed Wi-Fi Hotspot Networks

Attention developers – Plan in advance and wire amenity area Wi-Fi during construction or face constrained options and higher costs later.

Providing Wi-Fi coverage in selected areas of a building is best accomplished by including associated wiring and services in the planning and design stage of a building. We often encounter new buildings post construction that have missed out on that opportunity. Walls are up, dry walls installed, ceilings are enclosed. Connectivity to each suite is present and has often been done by the future internet service provider (ISP) to support a tenant pay service model. Meanwhile, planning and wiring for Wi-Fi amenity areas gets missed. This may be caused by people forgetting that most Wi-Fi access points require an Ethernet wired connection for data flow and to receive power over Ethernet (POE).

Among our core offerings is proper planning, wiring, support and maintenance of industry-leading Wi-Fi services exactly where they are needed in amenity areas of buildings. Common locations being:

  • Study Rooms (in buildings intended for students)

  • Rooftops & Outdoor Patios

  • Gyms

  • Recreational Areas

  • Lounges

  • Pool Areas

  • Laundry Areas

We also offer managed Wi-Fi hotspots for small to medium businesses where an area of Wi-Fi is needed without a large scale network deployment. These businesses often want the benefits of a managed solution and access to IT expertise that they may lack in-house.