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Comprehensive Help Desk Approach

When you have tried everything you can, you’ll want to be able to report the problems you are experiencing and take comfort in the knowledge that you will be getting help in a timely manner. Comu Networks accomplishes this through the addition of an industry-class leading online help desk.

We have a unique ticketing system that allows end-users to report a problem from their computer, smartphone or tablet. We closely monitor the Help Desk and our technicians call, email or text clients to help them troubleshoot. Problems can range from Internet connectivity issues, to hardware issues, and so on.

Each project we complete has a ticketing system and we create a tailored portal/form for each new environment. These web portals contain a “Report a Problem” link which will take users to the online form. This user-friendly problem reporting system ensures that each individual benefits from Comu’s Support team and gets their issues resolved in the most effective manner. Our web portals also provide access to the necessary set of user-friendly support documents and videos customized for each building.

Each developer’s building receives a customized supportive web portal that is designed and implemented for each install. Each web portal provides user-friendly access to the Help Desk problem reporting system and help guides.

Example – Tailored Support Portal for Student Residence

The user-friendly Help Desk ticketing system allows end-users to report a problem from their computer, smartphone or tablet. The Help Desk is closely monitored by technicians prepared to call/email/text clients in order to assist in any troubleshooting scenario. If the end-user is not able to access the Internet from their computer, we can provide a custom QR Code to allow quick access to a mobile friendly version of the Help Desk. A dedicated toll-free support line is also provided to all networks we manage.

Ticket View

Ticket Conversation View

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Comu QR Code

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To ensure ease of support access and rapid problem resolution, each web portal comes equipped with access to the necessary set of detailed, comprehensible support guides created in collaboration with support teams and client stakeholders. These guides cover a wide range of topics and also include instructional videos in addition to the PDF help guides.

Example – Quick Reference Guides and Videos