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Fully Managed Services

Comu Networks provides the advantage of a fully managed service. You can be assured that your network is constantly being monitored and includes top notch support. Comu is able to remotely access the hardware that runs your network, making changes and adjustments as necessary to keep everything operating efficiently and smoothly.

Monitoring Network Nodes & Elements

Comu Networks keeps an eye on your network so you don’t have to. Using state-of-the-art tools we are able to analyze in detail the status of the network as well as constantly make improvements to the networks overall health and performance.

Features Include

  • Network Traffic Forensics
  • Response Times
  • Network Latency
  • Bandwidth Utilization – Down to Port Level

Rapid Incident Response

It is crucial to have proper response times when maintaining a network. At Comu we receive real-time notifications through our many monitoring tools. This allows us to respond and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Features Include

  • Real-time Email Notifications
  • Real-time SMS Notifications

Bandwidth Monitoring & Management

Benefit from Comu Networks’ extensive bandwidth utilization analysis. Find out about the top used applications on the network, ranked by bandwidth. Identify applications and users consuming bandwidth down to the interface level.

Features Include

  • Bandwidth Usage by Application
  • Network Fault & Performance Monitoring
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Network Forensics 

Network Device Health Monitoring

Comu takes responsibility to perform consistent remote scrutinization of network performance. This level of monitoring and support ensures proper health of both hardware and software components.

Features Include

  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • Temperature
  • Fan Speed

Comprehensive Help Desk Approach

The user-friendly Help Desk ticketing system allows end-users to report a problem from their computer, smartphone or tablet. The Help Desk is closely monitored by technicians prepared to call/email/text clients in order to assist in any troubleshooting scenario. Comu Networks can also help you get educated on resolving some of these problems by yourself. We provide an extensive list of Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) and YouTube Support Videos to assist in resolving common problems you may encounter.

Features Include

  • Tailored Support Portals
  • Problem Reporting System
  • Quick Reference Guides & Videos
  • Troubleshooting