Connectivity Everywhere for Luxury Homes2018-08-17T13:15:16-04:00

Connectivity Everywhere for Luxury Homes

Providing advanced integrated networks for state-of-the-art buildings.

The process of building a custom home has become more complex with the increased prevalence of in home technology. Building a house is often a person’s biggest lifetime investment. Decisions about technology for the home should not be left to chance or not considered against the context of the inter connectedness of home systems. Too often, planning properly for integrated technology systems in the home is a missed opportunity. Comu Networks is here to change that reality.

Current construction methodology considers components of a home in a systems framework. Like a living organism, aspects of the home are interdependent and must not be considered in isolation.

Here at Comu Networks, we have established ourselves as an accomplished IT systems integrator in the high end condo and multi-residential building space. We excel in providing internet access networks featuring wired/Wi-Fi connectivity and “entertainment” technology applications. Our proven track record and expertise allows us to offer dynamic luxury home solutions well in advance of construction.